What should I do if my trash cart needs to be repaired?

If your cart needs to be repaired, please contact us and let us know what is damaged on the container so we can schedule a repair or have it replaced.  This is only applied to the Trash Rangers supplied containers. However, any other damages not caused by our company (Lost/Stolen cart, vehicle damage, fire damage) will require a replacement cart fee of $95.00 per cart.

What is not accepted for trash collections?

We cannot accept the following items for pick up:
Dirt, mulch, construction debris, waste generated by a private contractor (remodeling, landscaping), Rocks, motor oil, cooking oil, gasoline, bricks, tile, concrete, liquid paint, fertilizer, chemicals, tires.

We accept household garbage only. Carts can not exceed 50 pounds.

Do you pick up items outside of my cart?

Yes, we can but there will be an additional charge for any trash outside of the cart.

Is there a set time for collection?

No, routes change each week with the addition of new customers. Please place cart out the night before your scheduled pickup day to ensure you are not missed.

What if I start in the middle of a quarter?

Your service will be prorated based on the day you start service.

What size is your trash carts?

Our carts are industry standard 96 Gallon Carts.

Can I have more than one cart for service?

Yes, Additional 96 Gallon carts are available for $48.00 each per quarter.

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  • No Trash Carts to Purchase or Repair
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